LED E14 Leuchtmittel ZigBee Light Link Erweitung RGB Farbwechsel CCT Steuerung 4 Watt

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The Gledopto E14 ZigBee LED bulb fits perfectly into your existing lamps.

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LED bulb E14 ZigBee controlled ZLL compatible

E14 bulb compatible with ZigBee gateways such as Philips Hue®, Osram Lightify® and Amazon Echo Plus 

This new generation of ZigBee E14 bulbs work with the ZLL standard and are thus compatible with the most common gateways. You can adjust and mix different colors of RGB shades with this E14 LED light source.
In addition, the color temperature can be set between 2700 Kelvin and 6500 Kelvin.
Depending on the ZigBee controller, using both techniques, the color saturation can be adjusted to use further possibilities of color design (pastel colors).

Hints for ZigBee compatibility

This E14 bulb with RGBCCT LED illumination is compatible with most ZigBee ZLL and ZigBee 3.0 gateways. He was tested with Philips Hue®, Osram Lighify®, Amazon Echo Plus. With the RGBW variant, Osram Lightify® and Amazon Echo Plus, however, have limitations and can only be used as a pure RGB controller since these gateways can process only one ID.

Produktart: Leuchtmittel
Fassung: E27
Spannung: 230 Volt
Abstrahlwinkel: 120°
Abdeckung: Milchglas
Leistungsaufnahme: 4.00 Watt
Lumen: 200 lm
mittlere Lebensdauer: 50.000 Stunden
Farbwiedergabeindex: Ra 83
Schaltzyklen: 100000
Einschaltzeit: unter 1 Sekunden
Länge: 110 mm
Durchmesser: 38 mm